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Specialist for sport reading glasses and LED lamps

SL2 Pro bifocal sport reading glasses

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Quick Overview

Our cycling reading glasses with the smallest reading zone. Absolute top quality and adaptability of nose bridge and temples.

With its small reading zone, the individual adaptability and its high-quality glasses in clear, yellow and brown the SL2 Pro Dual Eyewear is optimal suited for orienteering, hiking, trekking, skiing, ski tours and other activities.

But SL2 Pro is also ideal for car drivers who no longer see the navigation system sharp or as sunglasses with small reading area for any activity.

With their larger reading area, however, the Eagle One is better suited for cycling and other sports with bowed forward torso.

The SL2 Pro could also be interesting for cyclists who have trouble with getting used to larger reading zones.

SL2 Pro is supplied with clear, yellow and brown lenses (filter category 3). The temples and the nose bridge can be flexibly adapted.


You can download an illustrated guide to replace the lenses here.


Are you cycling or traveling with navigation system and have problems with reading the display or seeing small details ? We can help you !

The SL2 Pro Dual Eyewear is an elegant sport / cycling glasses with a little extra. At the bottom of the lenses there is a reading zone which allows you to see everything in proximity sharp. It's a clever combination of cycling glasses with reading glasses.

Getting used to it takes only a few minutes, after which you no longer want to take off the glasses.

The bifocal SL2 Pro is not only a solution for far sighted sportsmen but also has a very nice and elegant design. Due to the small reading zone, SL2 Pro is also very well suited as "normal" sun glasses with reading zone.


The package includes:

> Clear, yellow and brown bifocal lenses with "reading zones".

> Microfiberbag


The glasses are available in power / strength of + 1.5, + 2.0 and + 2.5.


Here you can download general information about cycling reading glasses and comparison of our models.


Shipping: € 6 in Europe

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